Two women earned themselves a day off work at an orthodontics office, thanks to Keith Urban. The superstar's Graffiti U World Tour rolled into Winnipeg, Canada, on Wednesday night (Sept. 19), and a pair of fans won a bet against their boss after Urban spotted their sign in the crowd.

The sign — written on a neon yellow poster board — read "Visit Kildonan Ortho for your perfect smile!" and caught the country star's eye, so he invited the women onstage. After Lauren and Jenna introduced themselves and gained their composure, Urban dug in, asking them to explain the sign.

"Last concert, our boss made a bet: If you can get Keith Urban to say to go to Kildonan Orthodontics to get your teeth straightened, he'll give us the day off," Jenna shared with the crowd.

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Urban is game for the bet and asks them to call their boss live, onstage. Jenna obliges, handing the phone to the superstar, who puts the microphone against the phone so the rest of the crowd can hear.

The women's boss, Brent, picks up, and seems pretty stunned to be talking to Urban — and that he now needs to give them a day off. "I said that if you said go to Kildonan Orthodontics to get your teeth straightened, I'd give Jenna the day off," he confesses.

Urban is quick to jump in and make a few amendments to the initial bet.

"No, I think you said you'll give everyone the day off. I'll tell you what, if you give them the day off, maybe a little pay raise, it'll all work out. I'll promote your company through and through," Urban assures, laughing.

Brent agrees to the terms, telling Urban it's a deal. Moments later, Urban grabs the sign and smiles wide for the photo opp. Thanks to Urban, the staff at Kildonan Orthodontics are surely enjoying their day off.

Urban's Canadian trek for the Graffiti U World Tour continues through next week.

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