Facebook can be such a great resource and way to connect or re-connect. It can also be a life saver as we learned over Father's Day weekend when a little girl in West Virginia went to Facebook to ask for help for her dad who was pinned under a tree because she could not get a cell signal to call 911. He was saved thanks to the FB post. What I don't understand is the family drama that some people insist on playing out through Facebook, especially when one family member is just getting trashed on Facebook for no good reason and may not even know it. What makes people like that think that everyone else needs or even wants to be subjected to that kind of low-life Jerry Springer mentality.

We also read stories every day about other people, teenagers in particular getting bullied on Facebook to the point that victims of this cowardly, hurtful and despicable behavior often respond in a way that is very extreme, disturbing and in some cases, tragic. I just don't understand the intentional infliction of pain and anguish this causes and why those people who do it, thinks it's OK.....IT'S NOT...NOT BY A LONGSHOT!

I'll be honest, outside of what I post for work on Facebook, I don't do a whole lot on Facebook and that is by design. I never want to put anything up that could be misunderstood in any way and I certainly don't want to inadvertently offend or hurt someone with a post or even a simple comment on someone else's post.

I firmly believe that what gets people in trouble on Facebook is what they DO post or comment and not what they don't. Responding to a vicious attack could get you judged far more harshly than simply not responding at all, which is usually referred to as taking the high road, which in my opinion, is ALWAYS the way to go. What do you think?