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Owensboro Health Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center and Owensboro Health Foundation are collaborating for their annual Capturing the Moment event on June 20th at The beautiful Western Kentucky Botanical Garden. Offering cancer survivors the opportunity to have free professional photos taken of them with their loved ones.


Capturing the Moment will be more than just a photograph. It will be a way for families to make memories together. With vendors including Hello Pop, Tony’s Golf Carts, and Emily Fife, a harpist, to make the day even more special.

"The Owensboro Health Foundation, U of L Brown Cancer Center and the Kentucky Cancer Program will host information tables and provide valuable resources during the event." With over 40 volunteers from the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center, Owensboro Health Medical Group Hematology & Oncology, and contributions from the Owensboro Health Foundation and the UK Markey Cancer Center.

“We had approximately 51 survivors, along with their families and friends—totaling 220 individuals—partake in the last event. This year, with our current lineup of 11 committed photographers and hopes of securing a 12th, we will have 156 slots available for participants,” said Heather Gray, an Owensboro Health Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center Counselor and organizer for the event.

"Capturing the Moment was born out of the idea that every patient has a unique story, and a photograph can capture their strength and perseverance in a profound way," explains Gray. Dr. Megan B. Nelson, the event's founder, wanted to create a way "to empower cancer patients and provide them with a timeless memento of their journey. Inspired by her own experiences with cancer and a desire for more photos to document her journey." Here is a look at what Capturing the Moment will be like.


Dr. Nelson is actually planning to attend this year's gathering to see what an inspiring community event this has become in a short time. Celebrating the beauty and strength of coming together.

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If you and your family are interested in attending, please RSVP as soon as possible to ensure you have a time slot for photos.  For more information, registration details, and to volunteer, please contact Owensboro Health Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center at 270-688-LIVE (5483).


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