Kentucky is known for Bourbon, Bluegrass, and Horses, but there are a lot of weird and wonderful things in this state. Including a home in Hazard, KY known as the Mother Goose House.

The Mother Goose House in Hazard, KY

The Mother Goose House began in Mr. George Stacy's imagination. From 1935 to 1940, he worked to make it a reality. Interesting fact, he used a goose skeleton to build the roof as accurately as possible. Stacy also included some fun details like egg-shaped windows and the goose's eyes are made from vehicle lights. In the beginning, the eyes even lit up! Gotta be honest, that part sounds like it would look a little creepy!

The Mother Goose House is Famous

Gaining notoriety on television shows about weird homes, Oprah herself even included the Mother Goose House in a special once upon a time.

Keepers of Mother Goose

The house has been a private residence to several different owners over the years. Eventually it became a bed and breakfast with the proprietors also giving tours to visitors from all over the world. The goose sits on top of a small store called The Mother Goose Market and there used to be a working filling station next to it.

It has become a unique roadside stop as people travel through Kentucky. Locals in Perry County consider the Mother Goose House a beloved landmark. Here is a really interesting video about the history of the house and it's life as the Mother Goose Inn.

Mother Goose Has Been Through the Ringer

After a period of snowy weather in 2021, Mother Goose's head fell off! The community came together to fund and repair her to her former glory. They restored the head, replaced the beak with a material that will withstand the elements and took care of some of the interior structure that had been deteriorating over the years.

Have you ever been to the Mother Goose house? It's definitely one of the quirkiest places in Kentucky!

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