Fans of Monopoly in Illinois are very excited about this new version of the game featured in our state.

Giant Monopoly Game In Illinois

I realize there are thousands of board games available to play in the world. Of course, some are just more popular than the rest. If I had to pick the top one of all time, for my money it's Monopoly.

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The game board is almost like an international symbol. No matter what their background is, whenever they see that box everyone immediately knows it's Monopoly. Think about all the different versions of it too. No other game can compete.

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Throughout my life, I've had this love-hate relationship with Monopoly. I was the youngest kid in my neighborhood, so I started playing early on with the older boys on my block. Of course, they would beat me every time.


It got so frustrating for me, that my parents banned the game from our house. Yeah, I had a real problem. Luckily as I grew up, I learned that it was just a game and the outcome didn't matter as long as I had fun.

If you're a fan of Monopoly, you'll want to check this out. The history of it has a connection to Illinois. The original version was invented by Elizabeth “Lizzie” Magie-Phillips in Macomb. Back then it was called The Landlord's Game which evolved into the present-day game.

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Now, the city of Macomb is celebrating the heritage of Monopoly with the world's largest version set up in the town square. There are giant replica versions of the game pieces. You don't even have to be in town to play. There is a special app to play online

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