In an effort to make the roads safer in Illinois, there is a new law for driver's licenses that takes effect on July 1st.

New Illinois Law For Driver's Licenses

I realize that the local, state, and federal levels of the United States government create new laws. I always thought they kicked in on January 1st each year. I recently discovered that it can also happen on July 1st. Sorry, it's been a while since I had Social Studies class.

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One of the new laws that comes into play on July 1st has to do with driver's licenses in Illinois. I think this one is important to know because the majority of residents 16 years of age or older in our state drive vehicles on the roads.

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This new law in Illinois will allow undocumented immigrants in our state to get a driver's license. They will be issued a standard one with only one difference from citizens. It will say "Federal Limits Apply" across the top.

Current Illinois Driver's License & ID No Longer Valid in 2020
Illinois Secretary of State

This new version of an Illinois driver's license replaces the TVDL (Temporary Visitor Driver’s License) that undocumented immigrants are currently using. To receive one, they must've lived in Illinois for over one year. They don't have a Social Security number. There must also be proof of U.S. immigration documentation, passport, or consular card.

Illinois lawmakers are hoping this new law will make the roads much safer in our state. They also hope this will create more opportunities for people looking for asylum in the United States.

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