Bunnie Xo's father Bill -- who is currently battling Stage 4 cancer, and was placed in hospice care about three months ago -- is continuing to see major health improvements. He's even feeling well enough to undergo surgery.

The Internet personality and podcast host, who is wife to Jelly Roll, has been sharing regular updates on Bill's condition, and in her latest report, she says he's "rowdy as ever."

"Everybody keeps asking about Bill and here's the update: We got a new hip," Bunnie explains in a TikTok video, sharing video of Bill hanging out in his wheelchair at home with his wife Suzanne.

"Dad's other hip cracked and he ended up having to have surgery to have it replaced, just like the other one. So now we have bionic Bill," Bunnie continues, holding up X-Rays of her father's new hip.

Though recovery from hip surgery is no small feat, it's even more impressive that Bill is feeling well enough for surgery at all. Just months ago, the singer and his wife were sharing much bleaker updates: Bill was running out of options for cancer treatment, and both Bunnie and Jelly believed that he was in the final stages of his life.

But more recently, Bunnie's dad has felt better -- she even told her fans that he's "healing." In the latest Bill update, Suzanne says that he's hoping to walk again after his hip surgery, and maybe even hop on a motorcycle one day soon.

"You guys think Bill should get back on the hog? Let me know," Bunnie jokes at the end of her social media update.

  • Bunnie introduced fans to Bill in 2023, which is also when she first shared his diagnosis.
  • Bill battled cancer privately for a year, leaning only on his wife for support as he tried to heal himself through holistic remedies. Once his condition worsened, though, he reached out to his daughter.
  • Bunnie and Jelly moved Bill from Houston, Texas to Nashville, Tenn., and Bunnie quickly began to focus on advocating for her dad and expanding his treatment options.

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