- Today is National Farm Safety Day, Make Your Own Junk Food at Home Day and National Gibberish Day.


- Pumpkins are in short supply this fall in the Northeast. Blame Hurricane Irene for the shortfall, which destroyed hundreds of pumpkin patches across the region, And the shortage has caused prices to skyrocket. In some areas, wholesale prices have doubled.

- Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest has officially become Meta World Peace after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge gave the basketball star the go ahead to change his name.

- German supermodel Heidi Klum's legs have been insured for $2 million.

- Netflix is changing its mail order plan to "Qwikster," while the streaming business will continue to be called Netflix.


- Charlie Sheen was a surprise Emmy presenter Sunday night, met Ashton Kutcher backstage and wished him and the "Two and a Half Men" cast well this season.

- According to a new poll, 2 in 10 Americans believe that, some day, they'll be a millionaire.

- Now they're talking about a ban of those non-smoking, alternative cigarettes from commercial flights.

- Bridesmaids, Bride Flight, The Kennedys, Spooky Buddies and Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World are all out on DVD today

- The L.A. Times claims Warner Brothers and Charlie Sheen may be close to settling their lawsuit for $25 million. He will also get $100 million in syndication profits from Two And A Half Men.


- ABC added extra security before Chaz Bono performed on Dancing With the Stars last night.

- Whiskey sales rose by 20% during the first six months of 2011. Distillers credit the jump to young people, who have been introduced to the drink through the TV show Mad Men.

- Someone stole John Travolta's 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL off a Santa Monica street on Sunday. The Benz sells for as much as $100,000.


- Brad Pitt is on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated. He plays Oakland A's GM Billy Beane in Moneyball.

- 12.4 million viewers watched the Emmy Awards on Sunday. That's down 8% from last year. Sunday Night Football, which featured the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons, was watched by 13.5 million viewers.

- Cryos, an international sperm bank based in Denmark, has announced they are no longer accepting donations from redheads because they are overstocked due to a lack of parents wanting redheaded kids.

Source: McVay Prep, Sheet Happens

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