Marriage proposals are a big deal, as they should be! You're about to ask the person you love if they want to legally bind themselves to you. But do some people go a bit overboard?

Thanks to social media, marriage proposals have become a bit of a spectacle.  It seems as if everyone is trying to outdo the next.  And if a big flashy proposal is your thing, there's nothing wrong with that! For some people they appreciate more flashy, fun proposals, others prefer something more low key.  Then there's this guy...

This guy couldn't just propose with a ring, no no, he began his proposal with the gift of a PINK RANGE ROVER, and a ring.  Oh and fireworks.

I mean, just watch the video below, and see for yourself!

Is this too over the top? Are you a fan of flashy big proposals or do you prefer something less flashy?

There's no right or wrong answer here, just difference in preference!


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