It looks like Indiana drivers need to take some anger management classes or eat a Snickers because we have severe road rage.Indiana actually came in at the top of the list for states with road rage, according to Fox 59 in Indianapolis. So what how did Indiana make the top of this list?

According to Fox 59, "Auto Insurance Center tracked fatal crashes between 2005-2015 and found Indiana had the most fatal crashes caused by road rage; nearly 13 fatalities per 100,000 Hoosiers." See the full report here.

This is an unsettling statistic for Indiana drivers...especially those who don't really have road rage. What could cause the road rage? If I am basing it off of factors that we see a lot here in Southern Indiana, I would assume that a lot of these incidents could be attributed from construction, slower drivers, and drivers who aren't paying attention because they are on their phones.

Whatever the reason behind it, drivers need to take a chill pill! All of that anger could lead to something bad happening on the road that could injure yourself or others. If you find yourself in a tense situation that causes you to develop road rage, simply back off. Take a different route to avoid the situation. If you find yourself feeling threatened on the road by a driver experiencing road rage, you are encouraged to call 911. Try to get a description of the car and report the aggressive behavior.

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