Do you feel safe in your neighborhood, in your community, in your state? We know that some states and areas of the country have a reputation for being dangerous. But what do the numbers say? What states are the actually the safest?

WalletHub has once again done the work for us and put together this comprehensive report. They scored each state in the following categories:

  • Personal & Residential Safety
  • Financial Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Workplace Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness

So, how did the Tri-State score? Well, it's a really good report card for Hoosiers. Indiana just barely missed the top ten, landing at #12. It was pretty good news for Kentucky too...they are the 21st safest state. Illinois is bringing up the rear for the Tri-State at #32 on the list. Scroll over the map below to see how the rest of the country got ranked.

Source: WalletHub

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