In a recent press release, United Caring Services announced they would be expanding hours at Ruth's House, which offers services and shelter to women in need. They will also be offering women's medical respite services once again thanks to a number of generous benefactors. These programs are designed to "support women experiencing homelessness and other vulnerabilities helping them find safety, shelter, stability, compassion, dignity, better health outcomes and housing..." This is the only "low barrier" shelter for single women in the Evansville area. It also the only place that offers medical respite services to women in the area as well.

With the terribly frigid temperatures impacting the area, Ruth's House has now expanded their weekend hours and are now open during the day on Saturdays and Sundays to give it's residents the opportunity to stay in out of the cold. They accept new intakes at 5pm each day. To learn more, including how you can donate, visit


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