One Evansville woman needs your help, her cat recently got out and came back home with horrendous facial injuries.  Thank goodness she rushed her cat to her vet and the cat is expected to make a full recovery. While at the vet she was told her cat's injuries were inflicted by a human. 

Andrea Grace Robinson
Andrea Grace Robinson

I reached out to her owner Andrea on Facebook, and she said that her cat is very smart, loves people, and she's never had this kind of issue before. She's certain because her cat is so friendly that whoever did this, her cat walked up to.  She has an Animal Control Officer on the case, and he even agrees, this was most definitely inflicted by a human, she was not hit by a car.

Here's Andrea's post from her Facebook:

PLEASE SHARE. Alright everyone I'm really sorry to do this but I need this story to go everywhere and I'm sorry this is so gruesome. I need you all to share it so much it gains media attention. For the small amount of people on here who don't know my cat came home yesterday bloodied and beaten I thought her jaw was gone. We took her to the vet and found out her only injury was to her face. Her jaw was broken it had to be wired shut. Her skin was separated from bone and had to be stitched back to her face. She has to have a feeding tube for four weeks. A person did this and from the injuries the vet said it's possible someone kicked her with extreme force or firecrackers were put into her mouth. Thanks to everyone we raised the $2000 for her bills but I went and saw her today and I just lost it. She will NEVER look the same again and while I'm thankful she's alive I want this to be shared. I want people to find out the sick scum who did this to my baby. If anyone has any information on who did this I'm even figuring out a reward. If anyone knows how to get ahold of the local news please message me. Below are pictures of what she looked like a small picture of the injuries to her jaw and the wiring (I wish I could've got a good picture when I found her) and what she looks like now. By the way the bandages are for her ivs and feeding tube.

If you have any information on the abuse of Andrea's cat, please notify EPD.

You can see the photos for the full extent of her cats injuries, here I didn't want to put them in the post because they are disturbing. The poor thing, my heart goes out to Andrea, I can't imagine what I'd do if someone were to ever hurt my pups. I'm just glad her cat will make a recovery with only scars left over.

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