If you have ever considered fostering or adopting, now is the time.

Evansville Animal Control does a great job at working with rescues to get the word out about animals that come in and they do their best to get animals moved out. Unfortunately since by law they have to take in any animal that comes in, they get overfilled and have to at times make tough decisions. They are full now, if you have the availability to foster or adopt, now is the time. Bella (pictured above) is one of the many dogs needing help.

Fostering is free it just costs the space in your home and food.  I have a dog I'm fostering through ACA, they neutered him, vetted him, and all we've had to do is provide him with food and of course a loving home in the mean time. It truly is easy and very rewarding!

Here's what Another Chance for Animals says about the situation at EVACC:


We have got to move these animals ASAP! If you can foster one, please SEND US A MESSAGE!

Two of these dogs are already fixed! Fostering is free and doesn’t cost you anything except food and space in your home. ACA covers all medical costs. As the foster, you have first choice in adopting!

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