Easton Corbin got super creative and had quite a bit of fun with his video for 'All Over the Road.' It's more like an extended theatrical trailer than it is an actual music video and it's hot, thanks to the long-legged, lollipop-licking vixen who courts trouble like it was her job. She brings Corbin along for the ride, somewhat against his will. Lucky him!

The fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants action, shot in St. Augustine, Fla. in the fall, takes place in a convenience store before moving to the wide open road, courtesy of a muscle car. That's a given, since the song is called 'All Over the Road.' It would be criminal not to involve a sweet set of wheels.

Speaking of criminal, the ensuing action features the hostage, the chase, the horror and the thrills. No, really! Those are the subtitles.

Corbin and the sexy lady put the pedal to the metal, and he even gets to make out with this trouble-seeking hottie while driving.

Don't try that at home, folks. But you sure can have a good time watching the action unfold on screen in front of you. It's certainly a thrill ride, courtesy of Easton Corbin.