The answer to the above question is yes, at least if the results of a new survey are correct. Apparently, one in five people will remove their wedding ring before going out without their spouse. Some of the reasons speak directly to the maturity level of the spouse removing his or her ring and some reasons just sound like lame excuses. I have a good married friend who doesn't even wear his wedding ring at all. I ask him why and his answer is always because he works a lot with his hands and doesn't want to get it caught in something, thus losing a finger or ruining the ring. I said, "What are you, a sheet metal worker? You sell life insurance for god's sake...where are you putting your hands?"

The five most common reasons are in order:

  1. They want more attention from the opposite sex, even though they probably won't act on it.  Immature and lame excuse.
  2. Their ring is uncomfortable. Waaaaaahh!
  3. They are mad at their spouse and want to make a point. See number 1.
  4. They don't want people to think they are boring. Believe me, they are plenty of other reasons why you might be perceived as boring that have nothing to do with your wedding ring or marital status for that matter.
  5. They think it will help with business connections. If those connections find out what you are doing, they will not want to connect with someone so shallow.

By the way, men are more likely than woman to do this except after a fight. Wives are more likely to do this after a blow-up...just so you know guys.


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