Even if your kids hate broccoli, the smell, taste, color, everything, they will love using broccoli as a paint stamp.

This is a great craft idea for even the younger kids. Here is what you will need.

  • A fresh head of broccoli
  • Kid-safe, water based paint in various Fall colors
  • Fall colored construction paper
  • Small paint brush

First, on a piece of construction paper, paint a skeleton of a tree. Try to make the tree - it's trunk and branches, fill up the paper. But, be sure and leave plenty of space for your Fall foliage. Now, simply cut the broccoli florets from the bunch, various sizes work the best. dip the broccoli flowering the paint. Not too much, just enough to put paint on the little individual flowers. Then, using the painted floret, stamp the page lightly.

Here is an example of a more adult variation for you and your friends. (Just use more Fall colors instead)

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Found this great idea too. It would make a great Christmas gift, just make it snowy.

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