When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, I have been able to observe some of the very best cooks. I had several aunts that made cooking look simple and fun. Their food was delicious and never disappointed. They made dinner into a culinary masterpiece of ordinary dishes made extraordinary.

I, on the other hand, am am ok cook. I can get the job done and it tastes good, but it's nothing to brag about. The only reason that I have been put in charge of Thanksgiving, since my mom passed away, is because I’m the oldest. This year my younger sister is proving that SHE should be the one in charge of the family gathering because she is actually attempting to make my Aunt Sue’s homemade noodle. Yes, she is making them from scratch. I would never attempt to make my own noodles. But, she and my nieces, since staying safe at home this year, have accepted the noodle challenge.

My friends and family always make fun of the fact that I cook so many things using the microwave. Even though, they request my delicious, cheesy scrambled eggs when they come for a visit.

I have tried to cook may things in the microwave because its quick and easy. Some work about and some don’t. Some foods just taste and look different when cooked in the microwave. There are quite a few foods that just aren’t; microwave compatable. The one things I have never done is make anything for Thanksgiving dinner in the microwave. We warm stuff up during round two of Thanksgiving dinner, but never cook anything in the convenient heat box.

But apparently, you CAN cook your whole Thanksgiving dinner in the microwave. According to the YouTube channel, Tasty, everything from cooking your turkey and stuffing, to making pies can be done in the microwave. Check it out! Here are the complete instructions.

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