As I've mentioned on countless occasions, we like to cook meals at home as much as our schedule will allow. And while I typically lean more towards going the standard route of using the stove top or oven to make a meal, I also love gadgets, or anything that will make the process a little easier. So I asked you to tell us on our Facebook page what kitchen gadgets you feel like you can't live without when it comes to making meals for your family. These five were either mentioned the most or given an abundance of praise by the people who have them.

Air Fryer

This whole conversation started with me professing my love for this newest addition to our kitchen. Someone in my house has used our Air Fryer at least once every day since we got it as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. We've cooked bacon, french fries, chicken wings, and even steak in it, all to perfection. Not only does it fry with way less oil than deep frying, it also has a roast and dehydrate setting for roasting meats or veggies, or making your own jerky. It's come in super handy when I've wanted to cook two different things in the oven, but need them to be a different temperatures like meat and veggies.

Instant Pot


This may have been the gadget with the most mentions. It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, and more all in one. You can use it like a skillet, and apparently even make homemade wine in it if you have two days to kill. Truth be told, I don't use ours for much more than making rice, but it does cook it really well.

NuWave Oven


I personally don't have one of these at my house, but after looking into it, it may end up on my wish list in the near future. It roasts whole chickens, it bakes cookies and rolls, everything your oven does, only on your countertop. Christine Weber commented on our Facebook post that she loves her so much she hardly uses her actual oven anymore.

Crock Pot


Fun fact: When I was a kid, I hated when my mom used the crock pot to make some kind of roast. The way the meat fell apart and was kind of "stringy," for lack of a better term, did nothing for. Meat wasn't supposed to be stringy, dangit! It was meant to hold its shape and be cut into bite-sized chunks. Oh, to be young and stupid. Nowadays, pot roast is one of my favorite things to make in our crock pot. We're also big fans of whipping up a batch of chili and letting it stew in the crock pot all day during an otherwise lazy Sunday.

Egg Cooker


Lynn Guenzel Raney was the first person to mention this, but it spawned a whole side conversation between her and two other people about how wonderful this gadget is. Lynn said she received it as a birthday gift and swears she'll "NEVER boil eggs again!" And with 79% of people who bought it giving it a 5-star review on Amazon, apparently she's not alone. Hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, however you like your eggs, this thing apparently do it right every time.

Now get to cookin'!

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