Let's face it. Life would be a lot more interesting if we all sneezed the way Brett Eldredge describes in this tweet.

Now just take a moment to imagine what that world would be like. Especially when you consider how many people have allergies.

The world would also be more entertaining if we constantly overheard statements like the one Sunny Sweeney heard yesterday.

Speaking of blondes, Dierks Bentley's daughter, Evie, has found a new role model in Miranda Lambert.

As far as role models go, Miranda Lambert is a good choice. Someone has to show the world that you shouldn't mess with girls because were made of gun powder and lead...or kerosene.

Today is, sadly, the last of Zoe's Retweets as our favorite intern heads back of to college this weekend. If you would like to listen to the final installment of all the humor, listen here: