Now that we're post baby mania, Twitter has finally returned to normal or at least as normal as Twitter gets.


Sounds like an awkward situation but maybe they were just scared stiff to be in the presence of someone as nice and talented as Carrie Underwood. I know I'd be.

Speaking of intimidating situations, Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert had an old-fashioned shoot out this weekend. And when I say old-fashioned, I mean a little archery target practice. Not the classic shoot outs from western films. The winner won some much deserved bragging rights.

Congrats, Jana! If you get tired of singing, maybe you could go pro! Better luck next time, Brantley.

Brett Eldridge is also a big fan of games. The up and coming artist revealed a little fact about his hit song, "Don't Ya" this weekend.


Well ladies, you now know the way into Brett Eldredge's heart. Have fun with that.

If you would like to hear the on-air clip and Zoe's terrible puns about One Direction cut outs, you can listen in the player below.