We recently received a message from a loyal listener, asking for help with a fundraiser she is putting on with her church, Zion Baptist Church in Henderson Country.  Please take a look at what she is doing.

My name is Mercedes Gibson; I am 19 & a college student at the University of Southern Indiana. I listen to 99.5 all day, every day. You can say it’s an addiction. I’ve also been lucky enough to be the dash board DJ before, the date of September 4, 2012, it was a great surprise. I love everyone that airs on the station & I’m always changing anyone’s presets to 99.5 in their cars. I am a huge fan. But the reason I am writing this letter to you guys is for a good reason. I hope whom gets this has the time.
I attend Zion Baptist Church, right outside Henderson & just a few miles from Henderson Country High School. It’s an amazing church & I am proud to say I’m a member. Our church also is involved in some amazing activities. Not just in side of Henderson, but also in the United States & even in Africa. Yes, I said Africa. We, as a church, sponsor a little village called, Kankoole. It’s a beautiful place were God is really making things happen for the children as well as adults that live here. My family as well as many others in our church, sponsor children. This is one of the most blessing things that ever could happen in my life. (I will attach pictures of my bother (Moses) & sister (Wudayiya), our sponsor kids)
I am also getting the amazing blessing of being able to go on our next trip coming up in early June.

I’ve always wanted to go to Africa since I was about eight years old & now I finally get too. But as you can guess the trip over & back isn’t free. My mother (Mary Gibson) & I are going to be hosting a silent auction as well as a spaghetti dinner April 26, 2013 at 6pm at Zion Baptist the tickets are $10. I am inviting everyone at the station to attend if you would want to. We have many top line auction items like Coach purses & watches for men. I really wanted to get this auction out there but as a college student, my voice isn’t very big. So I thought I would try & come to you guys. All the money made at the auction will go towards the trip for my mother & I & what’s left over will go towards the children & getting them a playground of which they don’t have. We will keep none of it. I would really be so appreciate if I could get the awesome voices of the 99.5 WKDQ family to help me with this. 

Thank you so much & have a blessed day!

Thank you, Mercedes, and good luck with your efforts!  Below is her mother's account of her trip to Africa.