Who doesn't appreciate a good magic trick? There are some great magicians like David Copperfield and even David Blaine who are exceptional illusionists. Every year at Boo at the Zoo at Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden, local magician Don Baggett puts on a great show. Have you ever heard of Yif Magic? Neither have I until now. Yif Magic goes beyond explanation and the tricks go way beyond anything else you have seen. This would definitely fall into the unexplainable category.

Even when you watch this guy very closely, paying particular attention to his hands, you don't see anything at all out of the ordinary. In the below video, the most impressive trick comes at the 4:00 mark when he pulls a huge French baguette seemingly out of thin air. Of all the tricks in the video, this is by far, the most jaw-dropping trick I have ever seen.