Tonight, it's time to go back in my memories as the WWE's flagship show celebrates 20 years on the air.  Monday Night Raw launched in 1993, replacing the Monday night staple, Prime Time Wrestling, and I remember well, watching that very first episode.

Prior to the launch of Raw, WWE (WWF at the time) aired 'highlight' type shows, where announcers would sit in the studio and then send it to different arenas for the matches.  When Monday Night Raw started, it aired live from a ballroom in New York City.  The announcers were there at ringside and they made it clear that 'anything can happen.'

Watching that first episode, I knew it was something special for wrestling fans like myself, but never imagined it would still be the focal point of my Monday night, 20 years later.  There are few moments that I can say really got me excited on the show, but this one I can remember vividly.

'The Kid' beats Razor Ramon - Still in the early days of Monday Night Raw, many matches used 'enhancement talent' or as my dad and I called them, 'nobodies.'  A lot of the matches, you knew the outcome before it started.  Despite having seen Sean Waltman on ESPN's GWF as The Lightning Kid, he had been used as 'enhancement' for several weeks on WWF.  First he was the 'Kamikazee Kid,' then the 'Canonball Kid,' both times losing to regular bad guys so there was no reason to believe this guy, now just known as 'The Kid' would win this match.  Also, I remember that even at 12 years old, I thought it was stupid that he was wearing his tights that said 'L. Kid.'  Amazingly enough, he pulled off the win on Razor with a standing moonsault.  I'll never forget the speed at which I ran down the stairs to tell my dad 'He Won! The Kid Won!'  That 'Kid' would then be known as the '1-2-3 Kid' and later 'Syxx' and 'X-Pac.' That was just the beginning of my love for this show that's had its ups and downs, but always a must see for me.  By the way, on that same episode, Marty Jennetty returned to beat his former partner, Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Title.  It was a true 'anything can happen' night.