You might be wondering about the title question and what it means. Well, Verizon has apparently filed a patent for a DVR that can actually watch and hear everything that is going on in your living room...everything! They claim the technology would be used to to give you targeted ads depending on what goes on in your living room. Yeah, ok. In other words, if you and your significant other were arguing or fighting, you would get an ad for relationship counseling; if you were cuddling and playing kissy-face you might get an ad for, well, any number of things related to that - talk about candid camera!!

The DVR would be a box on top of your TV that contains a camera and microphone to monitor all of the activity in the room. Am I the only whose hair is standing up on the back of the neck right about now?

It should be noted this technology has been around for several years. Back in 2008, Comcast patented a similar device. Google even offered up a patent for what they called Google TV, which would determine through audio and video who in the room was actually watching the current broadcast.

Fortunately, none of these patents have been put into use - YET - but broadcast executives are still pretty excited about possibly having eyes and ears in your living room. Are you completely creeped out yet? You should be. A camera that you cannot control or access is really kind of scary. All I would have to do is wear my Mardi Gras thong just once, while singing 'I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt' and they would never watch me ever again!