My sons and I are huge fans of the Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food show with Adam Richman. We love to watch him attempt those gut busting eating challenges. They are dying to try a pizza challenge. I participated in a Strom eating Contest for charity a few years back and thought I was going to's a lot harder than it looks. There is however, a five pound nacho challenge that I would be willing to try that we watched Richman wuss out on. I love watching Joey Chestnut blow away the field every 4th of July at the Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

Imagine eating a 72oz steak in under three minutes. That's over four pounds of beef!!! That is exactly what Molly Schuyler did recently at Sayler's Old Country Kitchen. She did it in 2 minutes and 45 seconds which shattered the previous world record of over six minutes. That means she did it in half the time...are you kidding me...72oz of steak?

By the way, she is not a competitive eater, but she has tried several others just for fun and has beaten some record every time. Schuyler only weighs 120 pounds. Watch this beef-mauling feat below.