This is a follow-up to yesterday's post about the new regulations agreed to by the FCC and Wireless providers that will come into play next October. Bill shock is a huge problem for wireless customers and after a two year investigationn by the FCC, the problem stems from people exceeding their monthly minimums and being charged accordingly. The main customer complaint was receiving no warnings or notifications that they were close to going over or that they have gone over. Enter, Celina Aarons of South Florida who had the ultimate bill shock when she received a $200,000 cell phone bill.

 The bill was entirely accurate because Aarons' plan includes her two brothers who are both deaf and rely on their phones for texting and videos. The problem occurred when the brothers spent two weeks in Canada and got hit with the dreaded international roaming charges. Aarons contacted her carrier who did nothing and said the bill was accurate. After a TV station contacted the carrier, they agreed to lower Aarons' bill to $2,500, payable in six months. This is a prime reason for the new regulations. See Aarons' story below.