Thanks to Darla's Oasis Pool Store and Celebration Pools, we have made our winner of a new above ground pool.  We had a couple hundred of entries with people telling us why they deserved to win a pool, and the winner is...

Cathy Seibert of Evansville.  Darla's staff picked her entry from all the contestants, and here's what Cathy had to say:

My family would love to win this pool! We have give children living in our home 3 of which are my husband and I and two little grandsons which we have had now for 2 years. There parents do not live with us. Prior to the boys coming to live with us we tossed around the idea of getting a pool but something told us not too so we never did. Soon after that the boys , then 4 and 10 months came to live with us. I guess that's just fate!! The boys are now 6 and almost 3 plus our youngest daughter is 9. My oldest daughter 18 quit her job this summer so that she could stay home with the two oldest due to the cost of daycare! I would love to see them have such a wonderful pool to stay cool and make awesome memories. Thank you

You're welcome, Cathy!  Here's what Cathy had to say when I called to tell her she won.