Willie Nelson turns 80 years old TODAY! One of the things I LOVE about Willie is not only his amazing song writing or his no compromise attitude toward his lifestyle, but his sense of humor. The last time he was in Evansville, I was fortunate to see and hear his dry wit first hand.

Recently on Conan, Willie made an audition tape for the role of Gandalf, in the movie 'The Hobbit' for director Peter Jackson. Although, Willie, I'm sure was doing it tongue in cheek while being poked and prodded by Conan and his writers, I think he is PERFECT for the role!!! Take a look...


I must warn you that the clip contains drug references and language. (BTW - THAT makes it funny!!!) ;-)


If you want to personally wish Willie a happy birthday click here. Willie Nelson  will be in Evansville, at The Centre, May 6th click here for tickets.