Justin Moore just made trip to Texas to watch his favorite team play in the Cotton Bowl, and now he's being charged of being a perv, and a bad diner at that.   While Justin was eating at a Dallas establishment preparing for tonight's football game featuring his Arkansas Razorbacks, he was asked to leave for allegedly hitting on two of the restaurant's diners. Of course, the happily married, Moore is denying all charges.

Moore Tweeted the details about the incident: “Literally, just got kicked out of a place in Dallas. TRUE LUCK’S! DO NOT GO THERE! Was tossed for attempting to hit on two girls,” as he bashes Truluck’s Seafood Steak and Crab House.

Justin contunued with: “This was according to the toolbag managing the place. Apparently, he is unaware of my wife and 2 daughters. Had to be the most bizarre experience of my life”

And: “If you are in dallas, do not eat at this place. Wow…what a strange experience. Felt like Julia Roberts in pretty woman”

Do you think Justin is guilty of the accusations?