This morning, Leslie and I gave a few highlights from last night's Golden Globes broadcast. If you listen to us at all, you know that I simply do not understand society's obsession with celebrities. Shows like the Golden Globes and the Oscars do have some relevance the same way that country fans tune into the ACM Awards and the CMA Awards. That being said, why is it news when a celebrity gets divorced, has a baby, buys a new house in Montana or even gets arrested or a simple traffic ticket? Why is that front page news?  More often than not, the thing that gets the most attention are celebrities whose lives are completely dysfunctional like, Lindsey Lohan or anyone named Kardashian.

As radio personalities, we do research every single day about things that are going in the world and look for any hot topic of discussion. It amazes me how often somebody like Lindsey Lohan dominates the tabloid and gossip websites and more amazing is how much money is generated through that particular celebrity's misery and life struggles.

It seems to me that shows like the Golden Globes and the Oscars are celebrating nothing but themselves. Music shows like the ACMs, CMAs and Grammys are at least more the result of fan reaction to the product, so we have a vested interest in who wins these awards because we contributed directly to those artists' success. They always thank their fans and radio at music oriented award shows. They thank each other at the Globes and the Oscars.

The Golden Globes and the Oscars celebrate movies that the general public hasn't even seen yet. Some films aren't even released until after the Oscars... wait, what? How did it win a 'Best' award if nobody outside of the industry has seen it?

My wife and I have this discussion all the time because she loves to tune into those shows for one reason... to see what they are wearing. Why is what they are wearing important or even slightly meaningful in the slightest?

Some experts have suggested that a celebrity marriage breaking up gets so much attention because it makes the rest of us feel better about the drama in our won lives - that it is somewhat easier for us to handle our own issues because certain celebrities are having the same issues just like me.

That is exactly my point. Celebrities are no different than you and I. They just make a lot more money and get a lot more attention; which is not necessarily a good thing all the time. I truly believe some celebrities crave that negative attention and for whatever reason, it works because WE just can't seem to get enough of it and it is for that reason that they are the lead story in the tabloids and maybe even a network newscast or two.

People ask all the time why tabloids are so successful and the answer is simple, we make them successful. Tabloid journalism is an extremely lucrative business because here is such a huge market for that kind of that thing and that huge market is you and I. It really is our own fault and that is the reality.