It was announced that the Academy of Country Music Awards has chosen a replacement for Reba McEntire as Blake Shelton's co-host for the awards show. The ACM peeps aren't going to reveal the name of the chosen one, just yet. They are waiting for YOU, the fans, to Tweet about it first. 25,000 of you.

And you did! I just found out that the ACM peeps announced it around noon today (TUESDAY) Read My predictions first and see if I was right! :-)


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This is what I wrote yesterday (Monday)

Well, you know how impatient I am: I can't wait, I'm going to make my predictions NOW!

I will tell you right now, it won't be the obvious - It won't be his wife Miranda Lambert. Although I think she would be great, she is much too shy to put herself out there like that. She seems the most comfortable in front of a microphone with a guitar. I believe her shyness would keep her from getting the spot.

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I do believe it will be Kelly Clarkson. She is everywhere right now. Between her constant flirtation with country music, her appearance on Blake's holiday special (Where, I might add, they were very funny, showed a lot of chemistry and she was super cute!). Her past movie career (Well, that sucked, so forget I said that. lol) and her recent romance and engagement to Reba's stepson, Brandon - the choice to me seems obvious!


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I do, however, have a long shot pick - Luke Bryan. Luke has been cutting his awards show teeth by being a red carpet correspondent for Ellen. He is ALWAYS funny, smart and charming. And two guys usually don't share the stage, so I think it would be different. Those two - talk about a good time!









I found clips from both Kelly and Luke. What do you think?


I WAS RIGHT!!! It was JUST announced around noon today! 1/08