Last night during America's Got Talent on NBC, I saw the new Sprint commercial starring a hilarious, corporate type ZOMBIE! Thanks to my friend Ryan O'Bryan, from my sister station, 106.1 KISS FM, and his neverending quest to answer the questions that everybody is asking, I started to wonder....'Who IS that zombie? Or, WAS that zombie? Or, IS?' LOL!  Anyway, I found out!
His name is Matthew Patrick Davis, an actor living in LA. According to his IMDB profile, he has appeared on Days of Our Lives (2008), Community (2011), Veronica Mars (2006) and he just finished a short film titled, A Date With My Gyno (2013). And, yes, he plays the doctor. LOL.


He even worked with Sarah Silverman on Comedy Central in 2010.

Love it! And love you too, Matt. Hope to see a lot more from you!!