There is nothing like going to a baseball game and enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer. There is something about beer and baseball that makes it the perfect marriage. I have season tickets for the Otters at Bosse Field and the first thing I do is get a beer before heading to the seats. Concessions at an Evansville Otters game is as reasonable as it gets. Going to a Major league Baseball game however, is a horse of a different color when it comes to price. You need to take a second out on your home to afford concessions in most Major League ballparks.

According to a new study, the most expensive beer per ounce in the majors is found at Fenway Park in Boston. The least expensive per ounce is found at a Los Angeles Angels baseball game in Anaheim, California, which is a huge shocker. You would think that would be among the most expensive in the country.

5 Most Expensive Beer Per Ounce

  1. Boston Red Sox at 60 cents
  2. St. Louis Cardinals at 56 cents
  3. Toronto Blue Jays and the Washington Nationals are tied at 52 cents
  4. New York Yankees at 50 cents
  5. New York Mets at 48 cents

5 Least Expensive Beer Per Ounce

  1. Los Angeles Angels at 28 cents
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks at 29 cents
  3. Texas Rangers at 31 cents
  4. Cleveland Indians at 33 cents
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates at 34 cents

I realize the Otters are not a MLB team, but our own Evansville Otters and Bosse Field come in at number one on the least expensive list with a per ounce price of 22 cents for a large draft beer. So you see, the Otters are still the best value in baseball.....GO OTTERS!!!