If you have ever wondered which country star YOU would be or which one you are most like, this test is for you. It's easy and it's FUN!

Buzzfeed.com has posted an online test that will tell you what country artist YOU are.  Just answer some multiple choice questions where you'll be ask you to pick a truck, handle a breakup, choose your favorite denim and name your favorite alcoholic drink.

Here are the 'Jon and Leslie' results!

Jon Prell -Carrie Underwood

Getty Images

You’re passionate and competitive, but you’ve got a soft, romantic side too. That said, you also have a mean streak, and God help anyone who crosses you.


Leslie Morgan - Zac Brown!

'You’re incredibly chill, and that’s only partly because you’re a bit of stoner. You have a romantic streak, but your one true love is Southern cooking.'



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