We, like most Americans, spend a lot of time hating on celebrities. So we wanted to know who annoys you.

What do we think? Jon Prell seconds Will Ferrell, who was mentioned by Lisa Book. But his real nemeses are the "talentless" Kardashians. "It makes me angry that they have so much popularity," he said this morning.

And Leslie Morgan was just waiting for someone to name Kate Gosselin; Paula Harville Loveall obliged. Around here, we call Kate the Swamp Witch.

Heather (The Donut Girl): Nicolas Cage - He's a terrible actor and just annoying. He ruins all the movies in. Let's just replace him in all his movies with Channing Tatum. Leslie concurs but thinks he was brilliant inRaising Arizona and Peggy Sue Got Married.

We got plenty of pretty fascinating responses on our Facebook page:

The very first comment? Matt Hocking said, "Leslie Morgan." What! Why?!

Thomas Hendrickson said: Snoopy...he is a snob.

Remember Rosanne Barr? Eric Glines and Shelly Wiggins both namechecked the 90s TV star on our Facebook page.