Many savage, knockdown-drag out street fights have been known to break out across the fattened globe simply because a couple of hungry and seemingly irrational working glass stiffs, with strong opinions on what makes for a good pizza pie, couldn’t come to some agreement on exactly where the best place to get a pizza in their town actually is.

Believe it or not, there have been more social situations involving hungry Americans and ordering pizza that have hyper-thrusted into the clinched-fist realm of ultra-violence simply because no one in the room is willing to budge on their favorite. That’s because most of these local pizza joints have such a ravenous, cult following that most of their patrons are not only willing to get a little rough-neck in order to defend their honor, but some of the die-hards will likely go to their graves with the remnants of sauce and pepperoni still smeared across their face.

So, here at the station, we assembled a small team of supposed pizza connoisseurs to help us determine where is the best place to get a pizza in Evansville? After some deliberation, a few tense moments and a couple of cheap shots, here is the verdict of our pizza jury - in no particular order:

Turnoni’s: 4 N. Weinbach Ave – Evansville, IN. 47708 – Ph. 812-477-7500

Roca Bar: 12301 Highway 41 North – Evansville, IN. 47725 – Ph. 812-868-8898

Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe: 222 E. Columbia St. – Evansville, IN. 47711 – Ph. 812-425-2515


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