In the past year, I've often psyched myself up for my favorite carry-out meal in the tri-state, Shyler's BBQ Pig Out, only to remember that the restaurant is still closed. Green River just doesn't quite have the same ambiance without the alluring smell of smoked meats wafting in the breeze from passing-by cars.

Many people have wondered when Shyler's will repopen. Earlier this week, JB Simmons, the owner of Shyler's BBQ restaurant gave Eyewitness News a heads up that Shyler's is about to start serving again. Simmons is currently on the hunt for a temporary location in the Green River and Burkhardt area and will hopefully be up-and-running in three months time. He didn't think it would take this long to get the doors back open but issues with insurance have caused the delay.

He hopes to reopen the original location that was destroyed in a fire in December of 2012.