One of the simpliest most useful items in your kitchen junk drawer was invented today....the Rubber Band!!

The Rubber Band was invented by Stephen Perry a 19th century British inventor and businessman. His corporation, Messers Perry and Co, Rubber Manufacturers of London, made products from rubber. On March 17, 1845, in England, he received a patent for the rubber band. (

SO....Let's have a little fun with the beloved and sometimes frightening RUBBER BAND!!!!

My Top 3 Things To Do With A Rubber Band:

1. Scare your little brother!! Just pull back and aim!!! (insert evil laugh here)

2. Straighten your teeth! - THANK YOU SO MUCH Dr Reynolds for doing the impossible. My 'Bucky Beaver' smile was HIDIOUS!!! My life would be completeley different without the Rubber Band!

3. Keep you deck of cards together - I grew up playing cards with my grandparents. When I ask my card shark grandmother, Grandma Baxter, why she kept old newspaper rubber bands in her kitchen drawer, she said to me, " You always want to bring your own cards to the table to make sure the deck isn't stacked against you." At the time, I had NO idea what she really meant. Was she talking about the cards we used to play Crazy 8's or Kings in the Corner? Maybe, but as I get ready to turn 46, I realize just how wise she was!! :-) 

Check out Carrie Loves for CREATIVE ways to use Rubber Bands!!! I love these, you will too!!!!!

Even Phineas and Ferb celebrate Rubber Bands!!!

Gotta love Rubberband Man!!!!

This guy LOVES Rubber Bands and Honey Buns!!

AND, if you have ever wanted to make a Rubber Band Ball, here is how to do it!!