We have heard for years that some of our foods contain things we would rather not know about because they get in during the manufacturing process. You would probably not eat anything if you knew an ingrediant could contribute to cancer or even birth defects...or would you? Some potato chip companies have settled with the state of California to reduce the levels of Acrylamide in their chips. What is Acrylamide? It is a chemical known to cause cancer and reproductive harm leading to things like birth defects. Acrylamide is formed in the manufacturing process of certain foods, especially starchy ones, that are baked, fried or roasted....eeeewwww! Some snacks have been known to contain bug and rodent parts that you probably cannot even see. It is estimated americans consume as much as one pound of bug and rodent parts without even knowing it.....double eeewww! The important thing is to limit the amount of overly processed foods and read the ingredients!! Click here to read the entire Huffington Post article from aol.com, if you dare.