Kenny Chesney's 'Goin' Coastal' tour lands at Roberts Stadium on August 7th. This will be Kenny's last trip to Roberts and maybe the last country show at the historic stadium. Hopefully, Kenny will continue to make appearances at the new downtown stadium slated to open in November. If you have seen Kenny here in the past and driven by Roberts Stadium, you have seen many buses and semis taking up space at the loading dock area, visible from the Lloyd Expressway. The 'Goin' Coastal' tour is one of the biggest road shows in terms of actual size and set-up, on the concert circuit this year. The following will give you an idea what it takes for this show to happen in any given city. Evansville's will be scaled back just slightly, but not much. It takes:

  • More than 110 people, including crew, drivers, caterers, sound and light techs and musicians. For the big stadium shows, that number goes to about 140.
  • 23 semi-trucks and 10 buses
  • The stage set up weighs approx. 80,000 pounds and takes almost eight hours to set up. Crews try and start by 8am so soundcheck can happen by 3pm. This is a huge undertaking and a lot of work in each city.

Tickets are still available for this show at, but they are going fast. Keep checking the website to find out how and where you can win tickets and backstage passes.