We all do it! Doodle!! But have you ever wondered if your doodles mean something? Well, according to 2knowmyself.com, they do. Here are just a few of the meanings.....now, get your doodles and let's compare...... :-)

FACES:  The expression on the face you draw can indicate the mood you are in. 

FLOWERS: If you doodle a bunch of perky-looking flowers you are likely to be sociable. Drooping flower heads, on the other hand, indicate you’re worried.

HEARTS:  This drawing is a favorite with extreme introverts.

HOUSE: This common doodle indicates a need for security.

SPIDER'S WEB: This can symbolize a feeling of being trapped.

NAMES OR INITIALS: Doodling your name or initials is common for those who enjoy being the centre of attention.

STARS: Stars are often drawn by ambitious people. Lots of little stars indicate optimism.

SQUARES OR BOXES: Drawing a square indicates you want control of a situation — that you are thinking through a problem.

ZIGZAGS: Just as patterns made up of soft, flowing, curvy lines suggest a romantic.

STICK FIGURE: Commonly doodled by highly successful people.

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