Have you ever asked yourself what your dog does after you leave? Most of us have, and sometimes we might even wonder what their day is like. One guy strapped a GoPro camera to his dog's collar before he left, and what he found out is a little sad.

We all know that anytime we return home our dogs are all over us like we have been gone for years, when, in reality, you just went out to get the mail.

I have read that dogs have no sense of time and all they want is to have us back home, which pretty much describes the below video, which has been edited for time, but you get the gist.

Basically, this dog just wanders around the house wondering where his owner is and occasionally taking a break to rack his brain as to where he might be hiding. The video is actually very interesting,.but at the same time, a little sad because it appears the dog is a little distressed during his owner's absence as you can see for yourself.