With the success of Dierks Bentley's latest number one, a lot of people have been asking, "What does 5-1-5-0 mean?"  Well I have the answer, straight from the police scanner and some other potential country songs based on scanner codes.

According to RadioLabs.com, and its list of Police Scanner Codes, a 5150 is defined as a "Mental Case."  Dierks takes a fun spin on being "mental" over a girl.  It took 5-1-5-0 all the way to number one on the charts.  Here's some other hits based around police codes that I think would strike gold with a number one as well.

1) 10-91J - Animal, pickup collect

10-91-J Got a dead possum in the way

2) 11-66 Defective signal light

1-1-6-6 Somebody get this light fixed

3) 390D Drunk, unconscious

3-9-0-D Who's passed out in the floor?  Me!

4) 10-17 Request for gasoline

1-0-1-7, I Ain't gonna make it to the 7-11

5) 311 Indecent exposure

Code 3-1-1 I see somebody's bare buns!

I hope these will give you inspiration to click here, see the codes and write your own number one hit!