Thanks to the first of three presidential debates earlier this week, everyone is talking about the upcoming election and there are no shortages of opinions about what this election means. You have an opinion and I have an opinion about this election, but what about the ones who really matter.....the children? What would happen if we took to the streets and asked the kids about this election....who they like or don't like and why? The folks at Parenting Magazine did just that, they sent a reporter out to talk to the kids and the results are hilarious and actually, pretty insightful. They obviously have no idea about the candidates, but do any any of us REALLY know them?

These kids can certainly pick Sponge Bob out of a crowd, but when you think about it.....if you're walking down the street and on one side is Mitt Romney walking by himself, and on the other side is Sponge Bob and they are both walking toward you, who are you going to recognize first? Think about it and watch these cute kids answer the questions.