First off, I need to throw my congrats out to Scotty McCreery for becoming the new American Idol.  Big props also go to Lauren Alaina for coming in second.  What a great year for Idol contestants (not so much for judging).  And best of all, it looks like country music was the big winner.  Capitalizing on the huge success of these youngsters, I have come up with the biggest Idol money-maker since "From Justin To Kelly."  That's right, folks...American Idol impersonators.  I have my finalists right here at the radio station in the form of the Scotty double, Baby Boy Brian, and my intern Special K as Lauren Alaina.  Pretty uncanny, huh?  I think I already have my Naima.  She works at Moe's Southwest Grill on the Eastside of Evansville.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of her.  Well, now I just need to fill out the top 13, so if you know anyone who looks like the bearded, Casey, or perhaps a faux-hawk-sporting, James, just let me know!  I'll start my own Idol tour.