In case you aren't familiar with We Are Evansville, let me briefly educate you. It's a grass-roots movement started by some University of Southern Indiana students that encourages folks to show their pride in Evansville. And right now, they're asking all of us to help by submitting photos. Photos of what? Well, just about anything really. A photo like the one above...a group of students showing off their pride in this town. Or like the one below, of an adorable young woman enjoying a bike ride through her neighborhood. Maybe it's an old photo of the Ross Theater or some other landmark, or pictures from Evansville's long and storied past. You can find some more examples on the We Are Evansville Facebook page.

If you're still unsure, I guess just ask yourself "what is it about Evansville that makes you proud to call this place home?" If you can capture that in a picture...perfect, that's what we want to see.

These photos will be used as part of a special We Are Evansville video that is being produced. We just everyone to have a part...after all, this entire movement is about all of us...a community...Evansville.

So there's your assignment. Ironic that a group of college students is giving US homework. If you can, please send your pictures to We realize some photos may not be that case, bring them by our station at 117 SE 5th Street, downtown, and we will scan them and send them.

(We Are Evansville-Facebook)