I have had my share of speeding tickets. In fact, I had to go to defensive driving.....TWICE!!! If only I would have know how to get out of one....or two.....maybe three.....LOL!!

For the future, here are some Tricks to Avoiding Speeding Tickets:

1. Understand that your car says a lot about you - Keep your car maintained in such a way that you wouldn't be embarrassed to drive it to a job interview.

2. Wave at the hidden police car -  One former police officer says that the smartest thing that you can do right then is to wave at the officer. Why? He will either think that you know each other and wave back, or will think that you're acknowledging that you were driving too fast and are letting him know that you're slowing down.

3. NEVER admit that you were speeding - You don't want to give the police any ammunition to use against you, should you contest your ticket in traffic court.

4. Plead not guilty and defer your court date as often as you can - Imagine how many people an officer pulls over in a month. How many of them do you think he'll remember two or even six months from now, especially if you take your ticket quietly and move on?  Think about it!!

5. Know the what can get your ticket dismissed -  . Here is an example: The officer does not show for your court date...Two officers were in the patrol car when you received your ticket and only one shows for the court date...etc.  Just a cople of the reasons, there are many.

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