I had a chance to visit the brand new burger joint in Evansville last week, and I was not disappointed.  Jake's Wayback Burgers is located in the Cross Pointe area just across from the Drury Inn.

According to their website, Jake's Wayback Burgers was first launched in Delaware in 1991.  They pride themselves in fresh ingredients, and boy is their stuff fresh!  The bun was so soft, on my burger, that it was falling apart in my hand.  The burger itself tasted as if it had been patted out and put straight on the grill.  You can choose a number of toppings, some of which you would be charged extra for elsewhere.  Not at Wayback Burgers.  I even had grilled onions on mine for nothing extra.  And perhaps the best of all was the awesome hand made milk shake (I got the Choc-Mint- yum!) that comes in the metal mixing cup. 

The entire staff was super friendly, and even the store owner came over to say hello and check on us.  I am already planning my next trip, and I love to hear that they have a burger and shake of the month.  I'm a sucker for a good promotional creation.  If you love good old burgers, shakes, fries, onion rings, and even fish, salads, and more, than you'll love Jake's Wayback Burgers!