Most cops that I know have a soft spot for kids.That premise is the reason for the 911 Gives Hope charity here in Evansville that is made up of police officers, fire fighters and first responders. The below video might be one of the most touching videos I have ever seen involving a police officer and a lonely kid. The video was captured by a Texas police officer's dash cam as he approached a kid with a football playing all by himself. The kid looks at the officer and turns towards him.

The kid stands there for a second and then takes hold of the ball. The officer enters the frame and the kid throws the ball to the officer. The officer then proceeds to have a game of catch with the kid, sending him on different routes that the kid is more than willing to run.

I don't know how long they played, but if this doesn't make you tear up, then you don't understand the value of this interaction to the officer, and especially the kid. This video is so worth the time to watch. It is a dash cam, so there is no audio, but you certainly do not need to hear what's going on here. The message here is louder than words. This cop gets it. Thank you officer, we all needed that.